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Summoning Ghosts and Spirits – Beginners Guide

I still remember my first steps in learning the art of summoning ghosts and spirits. It was during my 15th year just before starting high school.

I wasn’t a big social success and so I spent much of my time reading different esoteric studies and contemplating different mind boggling spiritual materials.

As with many things in life learning about summoning ghosts and spirits came by surprise.

It wasn’t that I was totally unfamiliar with the subject; after all, I had seen many funny movies revolving around the subject.

But it always felt imaginary and unreal to me (coming from an atheist background).

While reading a book on the subject I decided to rally my few friends and try doing a séance using an Ouija board I had previously acquired from a local gift shop.

With no previous knowledge of summoning spirits or ghosts we sat that evening with candles burning and our stomachs rumbling with butterflies of scary movies past.

What happened that night could take a whole book to fill… But let’s just say that since that night I have committed my life to understanding the art of summoning spirits and ghosts and the different types of communications you can have with the non-physical realm.

To my amazement, the art of summoning ghosts and spirits is fast becoming very popular among many different spiritual practitioners.

The benefits of summoning and contacting different types of ghosts and spirits are numerous including:

  • Discovering the true meaning of life and death
  • Getting a broader perspective on life to ensure you see the big picture and accomplish your hearts desires
  • Getting your own personal and meaningful answer to the old age question – What happens when we die
  • Discover the inner love and feeling of belonging you get when connecting with the spiritual realm
  • Connect with passed loved ones and family members and feel their love again

These are only a few of the mountains of benefits people from all over the world receive from practicing the art of summoning ghosts and spirits.

Before attempting to summon a ghost:

Like every true art form, the practice of summoning spirits and ghosts takes a bit of time and practice to master. But if you persevere, the rewards are simply endless.

Before attempting to contact spiritual beings of any sort it is very important to get educated and work with a system that can help you understand what’s going on and how to measure your achievements.

The different ways of summon ghosts and spirits:

If you’re like me, you’ve probably searched the web for different information regarding Summoning ghosts and spirits. As you’ve probably discovered, this can be done using endless tools and methods.

From my years of working and teaching in these fields I have come to understand that the most important formula for success is practice, patience and the correct method.

I have been teaching students around the world how to summon ghosts for over 11 years now and these 3 golden rules have proven themselves time and time again.

How can you know you have found the best Summoning Method for you?

As I mentioned above, there are thousands of different rituals, spells and methods used to create a connection with the non physical realm and through it summoning ghosts and spirits.

While some are more effective than others it’s important that you understand that this is not an exact science and so some methods work better for some…

Where to start?

Learning the art of summoning ghosts and spirits can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. For that reason exactly I have created 7 Lessons on the art of contracting spirit beings.

To sign up simply enter your name and E-mail in the form below and the lessons will be sent to you starting today!


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