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How to Summon a Ghost Without Using A Ouija Board

“Learning how to summon a ghost without a Ouija board is Fun and a life changing Experience All Should Enjoy.”

Contrary to popular thought, many people today are interested in learning to contact spirits without the need of external contraptions.

Before I go any further, it is important that we understand what learning ghost and Spirits really are.

What are ghosts and Spirits?

There is no real absolute answer to these questions and there have been literally thousands of different opinions regarding spirits and how to summon ghosts and their true nature.

From my experience I have come to understand that ghosts and spirits are first of all very real and do have a conscious personality.

They are non-physical in nature (what we call – soul) and represent the higher whole of the person or being you are trying to contact.

The many ways of summoning ghosts without using a Ouija Board:

Contacting spirits can be done in many ways. Even though the Ouija Board is considered one of the easiest ways of communication, it is a very pale experience relative to other types of rituals and types of practice.

Learning how to summon a ghost without a Ouija board, will open you to a world of new possibilities which include.

Auditory connections – hearing your spirit and connecting verbally

Visual Connection – Seeing a ghost or spirits apparition

Physical and emotional connection – Feeling your chosen summoned spirit physically and mentally.

Can you imagine how it would feel like to summon the ghost of a passed loved one or family members and instead of just writing don letters, to enjoy a full blown experience that includes all the senses?

I bet you can…

Why should you learn how to summon a ghost without a Ouija board?

Don’t get me wrong, I have used Ouija boards many times when I was just getting started learning this fine art of summoning ghosts.

But after a while of conversing with higher intelligence beings I have come to understanding that you don’t need any external tool in order to have a connection with a nonphysical being.

Is learning how to summon a ghost without a Ouija board dangerous?

This is the old age question and I hear it often.

First of all it is important to note that summoning ghosts is not dangerous.

But like any activity, it should be done with respect and positive intentions.

If you ar serious about learning the art of how to summon a ghost without using Ouija board, you are going to have to approach this subject in a relaxed manner.

Stress is the worst enemy of every practice and method.

Where can you learn to summon a ghost without a Ouija board?

The best place you can learn to contact ghosts without the use of a spirit board or any other contraption is by signing up to the 7How to summon a ghost lessons below for free.

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